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Losing data from a broken display mobile phone can be a frustrating experience, but it is not the end of the world. With the right tools and techniques, you can recover your valuable data even from a mobile phone with a broken display. In this article, we will discuss some of the methods that can help you recover your data from a broken display mobile phone.

There are many ways you can try yourself before giving it to the professionals.

Actually, data recovery is completely depends upon the condition of the phone. Following are the conditions of the phone.

1. Phone unlocked, touch not working but screen is working.
2. Phone unlocked, touch is working but screen is not working.
3. Phone locked, touch not working but screen is working.
4. Phone locked, touch is working but screen is not working.
5. Phone locked, touch and screen both are not working.

Match your phone condition and head over to the articles given. It is also to be note that various companies have different modified android operating system, like Samsung have OneUI, Realme phones have RUI, etc. and also services provided by these companies are also different.

1. Phone unlocked, touch not working but screen is working
As mobile phone's screen is visible, we can access it using the OTG cable which is easily available in the market at very cheap prices and can also be purchased from websites like Amazon from here.
All you have to do is to connect your mobile phone with USB Mouse using an OTG cable.
Note: Also check for the USB type supported by your mobile device like USB type C or micro USB.
After accessing it using mouse just head over to the app from which you want to access data and upload it or share it somewhere. You can also take it's backup on your PC or Desktop. In case this step is not working for you then please follow step number 5.

2. Phone unlocked, touch is working but screen is not working
As nothing is visible on the screen the only thing we can do is to touch it blindly and sense the vibration of the device. Just connect your device with the PC and it is sure that some popup will come on mobile device for the permission to connect with the computer. Just blindly tap on the phone screen at the bottom side of the display and try it for few times until you will listen the connection sound after successful connection with the computer. In many phones the popup may not appear on the screen, for that condition just swipe from top to bottom to access notification panel and then try to tap somewhere on the middle of the display few times at different locations. In this case we need some patience until we tap on the correct location. In case this step is not working for you then please follow step number 5.

3. Phone locked, touch not working but screen is working
In case the phone is locked and screen is working, the phone can be accessed using an OTG and attaching a USB mouse or keyboard to it. The phone can be unlocked by mouse cursor or by typing using keyboard and process described in step 1 can be followed. In case this step is not working for you then please follow step number 5.

4. Phone locked, touch is working but screen is not working
As mobile phone is in locked state and only touch is working. The only option we have is to blindly unlock the device by sensing its vibration. After few tries, in case the device is unlocked then step number 2 can be followed. In case you are unable to unlock the device, please head over to step number 5.

5. Phone locked, touch and screen both are not working
In case the mobile phone is locked, the unlock process may vary device to device. In case of Samsung devices, Phone can be unlocked using their cloud service. Just sign in here using your Samsung account's email id and password. (which you used earlier to sign in to your mobile phone). Then click on "unlock" after login to the account. There you also find an option for backup of the device, if backup is performed earlier on the device then important data can be downloaded and restored to the new device. However, in case of devices other then Samsung, the options are limited to unlock the device. Most of these devices only support "Find My Device" feature provided by Google. Using this feature one can only ring, secure and erase the device and also location of the phone can be traced. But there is no option to unlock or take backup of the device. For devices other then Samsung, data like contacts, photos can be recovered by using Google backup cloud services like Contact & Photos. Please visit given links and login with the Google account which was used earlier on the broken display/touch device.

For Contacts visit here.
For Photos and Videos visit here.

In case none of the above step work for you, please also try these:

Use Android Debug Bridge (ADB): If you have enabled USB debugging on your phone before it got locked, you can use ADB to access the phone's data. ADB is a command-line tool that lets you control your Android device from a computer. You'll need to download and install the Android SDK on your computer, connect your phone to the computer via USB, and use ADB commands to pull the data off your phone.

Use a data recovery tool: There are several data recovery tools available online that can help you recover data from a locked, broken display mobile phone. These tools usually require you to download and install them on your computer, and then connect your phone to the computer via USB. Once connected, the tool will scan your phone and try to recover the data.

Take it to a professional: If all else fails, you can take your phone to a professional data recovery service. They may be able to recover the data for you, but this can be expensive.

You can also try my YouTube video for more recovery options, don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Note: It's always a good idea to back up your data regularly to prevent losing important information in case of accidents or hardware failures.


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